What You Should Know About Elizabethtown


Do you want to go somewhere to relax and just so happen that you’re into boating and fishing? Are you eyeing a place in North Carolina and doesn’t have any idea where to go exactly? Well, you might want to check this town in North Carolina. Read below and see if you it would suit your fancy.

This little town in North Carolina named Elizabethtown is just located in the Bladen County, North Carolina, and is considered the county seat. With a total area of 4.6 square miles being comprised mainly of land and water, it has a population of about 3,714 people. Being centrally located between Fayetteville and Wilmington, this town is roughly located 33.1 miles from Fayetteville, 79.1 miles from Raleigh, and 49.82 miles from Wilmington, North Carolina. If you are pretty particular with winter, just so you know, the winters in this town are about moderate and with very hot summers.

Elizabethtown with its small town charm provides a warm family feel. It is a pretty progressive town having just completed a Downtown Revitalization project. The mayor and council time and again have brought more and more business opportunities into their community. Their industrial park attracts various new businesses, therefore, providing more and more jobs to the residents. Also, they have new businesses and shops that have provided growth and development to their downtown areas.

Elizabethtown is basically named after Elizabeth, the wife of George Carteret, a royalist statesman in England and Jersey. He served as treasurer of the navy in the Clarendon Ministry. A town in New Jersey, named Carteret, as well as Carteret County found in North Carolina are both named after him. They have two placed listed in the National Register of Historic Places: the Mt. Horeb Presbyterian Church and Cemetery and the Trinity Methodist Church.

UntitledLocated here also is the River named Cape Fear, which primary provides the fishing and boating livelihood in this town. This River is a 202-mile long black water river located east central of North Carolina, which goes into the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Fear, from where its name was taken.

This town has large population, starting from under 18 years of age with 22 percent, another is ranging from 18 up to 24 years of age in 7 percent, then 23 percent for people ranging from 25 up to 44 and 24 percent from aging 45 up to 64. But 21 percent for those people aging 65 and up. For every one hundred living females in this town, there are equal males of 79.9.

Furthermore, this town have 21,944 dollars average income for every household in this town and the average income for every family here was ranging to 38,750 dollars. But males have 36,133 dollars average income compared to those female which averages 25,417 dollars. The town’s income per capita is 15,303 dollars. While the below poverty population are 24.6 percent or 31.1 percent, which includes people aging from 65 up with 27.8 percent and for those aging below 18 is 47.3 percent.

So there you go. Generally, this is a friendly, family-oriented town primarily located in the southeastern part of North Carolina in the United States of America. This town of Elizabethtown offers unlimited services, while still maintaining their small-town character type of charm. They have very safe neighborhoods you can interact to, convenient shopping locations everywhere, exemplary schools for your younglings, and recreational activities for the whole family and friends. All in all, these make Elizabethtown, a town in North Carolina, a great place to check out but a much better place to live in!